Do you have old Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewelry that you’d like to get rid of? Are you planning for selling old Jewelry for Cash? Which is the best place to sell your old Gold Jewelry or how to choose Jewelry Buyer in Bhubaneswar, who pays the most and is the trusted one?

We buy precious Jewels like Gold, Silver, and Diamond Ornaments for fashion. After wearing for long days it become old, unused or Scrap. At that time we want to sell to get maximum benefit or at the time of urgent need of Money we sell to get instant Cash.

If you living in Bhubaneswar and you want to Sell your Used Gold, Silver, and Diamond Jewelry for Cash then you would think where to sell Gold in Bhubaneswar. Then come to Cash N Gold, the Trusted Gold Buyer Company in Bhubaneswar, whose aim is to be the best in Gold, Silver and Diamond buying market. We treat your requirement as our personal commitment. When you choose us as your Gold Dealer Bhubaneswar, you are never going to be dissatisfied as we find out each and every possible way to fulfil your needs.

This is the perfect place to Sell your Precious Metals to get Instant Cash with the highest price in the market. Sell your Gold, Silver, and Diamond Ornaments, and get instant cash with a hassle free service. We also help our customers to Release Their Pledged Gold and jewellery from banks, pawn brokers etc. With this motive we aim to make your deals private and secure.

Services we provide are


The state of the gold does not make a difference whether its Old, Used, Scrap, Broken or New. After proper valuation we will buy it and make payments. Cash N Gold, the Best Place to Sell Your Gold for Cash with affordable pricing for your gold items. Our Pricing chart is easy to understand and updated as per current market trend. We are friendly, transparent, fast and honest. We promise to give you 100% satisfaction with our high quality service. We bring you one stop solution for all your worries.


The first thing that comes in your mind before going to Sell your Diamond for Cash is, whether you will get the best price or not. When it comes to sell your diamond then, you may get numerous options. So, if you are facing this kind of difficulty then don't worry, we are here to fulfil all your expectations. At Cash N Gold you will get the best price you were looking for your diamond jewellery.


In most Indian houses you will find silver ornaments like Chain, Bar, Hoop, Anklet, Pendant, Ring and Coins. When it comes to Sell Silver to get Cash Instantly, then Cash N Gold is the best option for you.


Do you need help to Release Your Pledged Gold for Instant Cash? Cash N Gold is the Best Jewellery Buyers in Bhubaneswar to release your gold and get instant cash. We take care of each and every procedure and offer you the best price for your Jewelry. We make sure to help you the best possible way in Releasing your Pledged Gold. We make our transactions very simple and transparent. We promise to offer the highest rate in comparison to other market price.

Things to Take Care of

Before going to sell your Precious Ornaments, You should keep in mind below given things
  • Do some research work before choosing any Gold Jewelry Buyer in Bhubaneswar. Check latest Price details and do measurements accordingly.
  • Check how old the company was in this sector. If the industry is of several years then we can trust
  • Ask for an Invoice
  • Check the Purity Level of your Ornaments
  • Calculate the Final cost of your Jewelry

Why choose Cash N Gold?

One of the Trusted Gold Buyer Companies in Bhubaneswar, our aim is to be the best in Gold, Silver and Diamond buying market. Our clients are precious for us, so we take care of each and every possible way to fulfil their needs. We treat our customer’s requirement as one of our personal commitment. We promise that you will never be dissatisfied after visiting our office, rather you will be surprised for the worth value you get paid after selling it to us.

  • It is a Certified and Expert Gold Buyer in Bhubaneswar.
  • Free Evaluation of Your Jewellery will be done.
  • German XRF Machine use for Purity Check of Ornaments without Any Damage.
  • We provide Instant Cash against your Jewelry or Pay through Cheque, RTGS, Fund Transfer or Demand Draft.
  • For any Query free Consultation available through Phone or Online Mode
  • Each Transaction is deal with Privacy and Security
  • No Damage or Melting of Your Jewellery Occur
  • We do not Remove Beads/Stones during Evaluation