In India, People celebrate festive seasons as a holiday or reunion day and make so many plans to celebrate the day wholeheartedly. It’s also a period where people spend fun times with family & friends, exchange gifts, attend events, go for a trip, plan for getting together and take a variety of food and drinks etc.

Christmas is one of the most important festivals celebrated all over the world. It is celebrated for 3 days every year. The first day (December 24) is the day before Christmas, which is known as Christmas Eve. The second day (December 25) is Christmas Day and the third day (December 26) is known as Boxing Day, celebrated the day after Christmas.

This is the season to greet each other and Exchange gift with your loved ones. Jewellery is regarded as the perfect Christmas gift as People want to gift something special, beautiful and unique to their beloveds.

Selling Gold Jewellery during Christmas can be an ideal time to get a fair amount of money as Gold Jewellery Buyer in Bhubaneswar provides various discounted offers and deals for their customers.

Where to Sell Gold and how to Sell Jewellery for an Easy Cash Return

During Christmas, you will get too much time for your sales procedure. Before going to sell first check various sites & their offers. Gold selling can be a tedious task if you don’t find the right and reliable buyer as the entire deal stops what a gold buyer would offer for your old gold jewellery.

When it comes to selling gold, taking precautions is undoubtedly valuable. When you find a trusted buyer of gold, you can discuss comfortably several things with them. Christmas is the End of the Year. In India, it is the last festive event and every gold seller looks to have more money in their hands as on the other side they are human beings first. They love to enjoy festivals wholeheartedly.

People with old, broken, used or scrap jewellery pieces search for a recommended or a well-known branch to Sell Old Gold For Instant Cash. It is one of the most Trusted Gold Buyers in Bhubaneswar well-known with numbers of branches across Bhubaneswar and buys almost all sorts of gold made items.

New Year celebration is next to Christmas and included in the same festive period so at that time people look to have ample money with them as well. Many times people overspend during Christmas and feel, “Why did I spend so much”? This gets your budget tight on the eve of New Year. But if you get instant cash against your gold before New Year, then you won’t have a financial crunch at the time of New Year Celebration.

During Christmas, normally the price of gold remains at the pick. If you would see the price graph of the last few months i.e. September, October, and November, you would notice that the price graph has been consistently growing as these months are mostly festive times. Though Christmas comes in December, the graph never declines. With Cash N Gold, you can have the best market value of your gold jewellery at this festive time.

Why you should consider Cash N Gold to sell your Gold Jewellery in Christmas?

It is the Certified and Expert Gold Dealer in Bhubaneswar, Odisha run by industry experts to buy Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewelleries like Bracelets, Chains, Rings, Earrings, Necklace, Coins etc. where gold has been the topmost sellable commodity.

Get Instant Cash: We are known for offering instant cash against your gold jewellery. Gold is considered a huge asset due to its high demand all over the world. Every customer looks for a handsome deal that ensures him or her that they can always get quick cash against gold. We have a transparent procedure for calculating the worth of precious metals. We offer spot cash or pay through RTGS/NEFT/IMPS.

Free Evaluation of Jewellery: We evaluate your Jewellery for free without removing Beads or Stones. Our executive will take care of your Gold, Silver and Diamond Ornaments and we will give you full assurance to keep your jewellery safe.

Use German XRF Machine: For purity check of ornaments, we use German XRF Machine without any damage. When it comes to testing of your handmade/handcrafted or machine-made Gold, Silver and Diamond jewellery, it is very important to know the exact composition of materials to guarantee confirmation with gold standards and to avoid ‘giving away’ precious metals for which our customer is not paying. Other Gold dealers in Odisha scrap the gold jewellery and mostly use acid tests (which leave a permanent stain) but that didn’t seem too much fair to the customer so Cash N Gold wanted to find the best way.

Free Consultation: We provide a free consultation to our customers through Phone or Online Mode. Call us 7504335566 to sell your precious metals like Gold, Silver and Diamond or Mail us at Home pick up service also available. Contact Now.

Secure Transaction: Each Transaction is deal with Privacy and Security. We provide different payment methods as per customer’s requirement.  We may give you cash directly to your hand if you feel secure to carry with you. If the value of your jewellery is more, then we can pay through Cheque or other payment methods like RTGS, Fund Transfer and Demand Draft as per your requirement, cash facilities also available.

No Damage:  No damage or Melting occur during evaluation or purity check of Your Jewellery. Bring your Old, Broken or Damaged Gold Jewellery at our store. Evaluation of your jewellery will be done by using our latest German XRF Technology in front of you without any damage.